How can E-SPHERES® improve engineered and formulated materials and products?

E-SPHERES® Hollow Ceramic Microspheres – have multiple applications across diverse industries.

Thanks to its advanced properties and superior characteristics, E-SPHERES® enable manufacturers to enhance their products’ performance.


Transportation and automotive

Friction materials


Insulation panels

Composites, components and syntactic foam


Fibre reinforced plastics


Hand wash cleaners and exfoliating soap

Sealants, caulks, stucco and fillers

Refractory, foundry, and metallurgical

Lightweight cementitious and construction products

Insulation / high temperature resistance coatings

What else can you imagine?

Typical Applications by Industry / Segment

Composites and fibre reinforced (FRP)

Spray / hand lay-up:

  • Swimming pools
  • Bath tubs and spa baths
  • Tanks
  • Motor vehicle canopies
  • Engineering laminated: Campers and RV’s roofs, boats, go-karts
  • Signs and artwork

Dough moulding compounds (DMC)

  • SMC and BMC compounds
  • Motor vehicle components
  • Panels and cabinets
  • Electrical boxes and cases
  • Plastic pallets
  • Water management tanks
  • Low pressure injection / extrusion

Cold / hot press moulding

  • Engineered plastics
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Machinery housings

Other FRP applications

  • Automotive anti-vibration / acoustic mats and sheets
  • Shoe sole ceramic reinforced rubber
  • PVC floor coverings
  • Mannequins and displays
  • Bullet proof panels

Syntactic foam

  • Thermoforming plug assist tooling
  • Helicopter and airplane components
  • Radar transparent materials
  • Acoustically attenuating materials
  • Cores for sandwich panels (fillings)
  • Blast mitigating materials
  • Thermal insulating compounds

Sealants, putties, adhesives and caulks

Reduces weight, shrinkage and cracking, improves flow and workability, colour, cost reduction, better nail / screw grip.

  • Sealants, high temperature sealants
  • Waterproof products
  • Acrylic caulks for cement and stucco surface
  • Automotive and marine body repair fillers and putties
  • Wood putties and fillers
  • Spackle / putties for crack repair
  • Jointing paste for plaster and fibre cement wall board
  • Acrylic latex grouts for tiles
  • Adhesives – mastics, tile adhesives
  • High temperature gaskets – engine gaskets
  • Latex carpet and artificial grass backing

Epoxies and polyurethane

  • Epoxy compounds and fillers
  • Wear resistance coatings
  • Trowel screeds and mortars
  • Epoxy adhesives
  • Self levelling floors
  • Insulation polymeric flooring
  • Slip resistance flooring coatings

Refractory and foundry

High melting point (1700°C), high compressive strength, non-flammable, thermal insulation.

  • Foundry coatings or refractory coatings
  • Insulating slurry coatings
  • Refractory bricks & blocks
  • Lightweight castables / mouldables
  • Kiln furniture – product supports
  • Riser sleeves
  • Pre-cast refractory shapes
  • Ladle covering compounds or hot toppings
  • Feeder head assemblies
  • Monolithic refractory
  • Backfill for moulds

Coatings and plasters

Colour, reduces cost, reduces weight, improves rheology, reduces sag/shrinkage, improves thermal insulation and impact resistance, chemically inert and non-absorbent

  • Thermal insulating coatings
  • Non-slip coatings
  • Epoxy flooring systems
  • Scratch resistance coatings
  • Automotive underbody coatings
  • Asphaltic surface coatings
  • Architectural texture coatings & special effect
  • Intumescent coatings
  • Industrial protective coatings
  • Elastomeric roof coatings

Cementitious products

Reduces weight, slump/shrinkage control, increases thermal insulation and improves flow and pumpability

  • Cement based mortars
  • Lightweight concrete pipes and pipe linings
  • Repair / patching compounds
  • Joint fillers for fibre cement and plaster walls
  • Tile adhesives
  • Casting (poured): artificial granite, kitchen solid surfaces
  • Cement / acrylic grouts
  • Polymarble and Artificial Stone
  • Cultured marble: Shower bases and vanities

Friction, abrasives & specialty ceramic materials

  • Brakes blocks for trams and trains
  • Brakes pads for motorcycles and automotive
  • Motor vehicle, agricultural and construction machinery clutches
  • Grinding media and grinding wheels
  • Cutting discs
  • Sanding (coated abrasives)
  • Grinding cups and inserts
  • Advanced high temperature ceramics

Advanced construction materials

Roof related materials

  • Roof pointing compounds – ridge-cap grout for tile roof
  • Roof thermal insulating coatings
  • Roof waterproof membranes
  • Roof tiles
  • Elastomeric roof coatings

Wall rendering and finish

  • Render compounds
  • Texture coatings
  • Patching mortar


  • Grouts
  • Self levelling mortar (cementitious)
  • Non-Slip coatings – pigmented or clear
  • Epoxy screeds and mortars
  • Stencil / patterned concrete residential driveways
  • Tile adhesives

Architectural moulding, facades and cladding

  • Cornices, mouldings, profiles, ceiling, architraves
  • Roses, balustrades, pier caps, parapets
  • Polymer concrete
  • Modular lightweight polymeric facades
  • Lightweight concrete – modular concrete facades, fencing, benches, walls, blocks
  • Glass reinforced concrete (GRC) panels, planter boxes, flower pots, fountains
  • Pour / fill decorative wall cladding (artificial stone panels).

Thermal insulating and fire rated building products

  • Fire-rated wall and ceiling boards
  • Fire rated door panels
  • Insulating infill (sandwich boards)
  • Thermal cement based coatings and slurries for refractory (SEE REFRACTORY SECTION)


  • Printed circuit boards
  • Electrical and thermal insulators


  • Skin care / exfoliating products
  • Soap bars
  • Industrial hand wash emulsions and cleansers

A world of possibilities

E-SPHERES® are an incredibly versatile additive, which also add value and improve performance of engineered materials and products.

Contact us for more information about how E-SPHERES® could enhance your technologies.