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Big World of Small Spheres

E-SPHERES® – An advanced ceramic substance, designed to enhance the performance and reduce weight of engineered materials. Reshaping our world through spherical ingenuity.

Key properties that make E-SPHERES ® unique:

Unparalleled temperature resistance

Melting point above 1700°C
The highest of any hollow ceramic microspheres in the market.

Unique white colour for HCM

E-SPHERES® SL Series are distinctly whiter than other hollow ceramic microspheres thanks to their special chemistry.

Highest compressive strength

Isostatic pressure test show over 70% rate of particle survival at 4800 psi (33 MPa).

This is more than 30% the compressive strength of other hollow ceramic microspheres of similar density and 20 times higher than expanded glass fillers and volcanic lightweight minerals.


An easy solution for demanding performance

    Functional low density
Bulk density 0.3-0.4 g/cc
    Low thermal conductivity
0.1 W/m/°C
    Safe to use
Non dangerous goods status
    Chemically inert
Compatible and resistant to most known chemiclas.
    Low rate of oil absorption
7g/100g (grams of oil per 100g of microspheres)
    Free flowing form improves rheological properties
    Neutral pH
pH 7 (of the emulsion in water)
    Acoustic insulation due to vacuum core
6 Mohs scale


E-SPHERES® Hollow Ceramic Microspheres (HCM) are available in two product variants:


High Performance, White Microspheres


Standard Microspheres

A world of possibilities

E-SPHERES® are an incredibly versatile additive, which also add value and improve performance of engineered materials and products.

Contact us for more information about how E-SPHERES® could enhance your technologies.